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Healing for Relationships

Relationships can be wonderful...or painful.

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Wouldn't it be great...?!

  • If you and your partner can heal the pains of the past and offer forgiveness to yourselves and each other

  • If each of you felt seen, valued, and heard

  • When conflict arises is presents itself as opportunities for individual growth and increased intimacy between you

  • To develop deeper passion and excitement

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Ready to heal and reignite your relationship?

When relationships are in painful times, no matter the cause or who is at fault, it can feel hopeless.  Individually, both partners feel as if life is turned upside down.  The stress of the problem impacts all aspects and facets of living.  Relationship and intimacy issues make coping difficult.  

It could be that one or both partners feel the relationship may be at its end: insecurity and stress surrounding miscommunications, infidelity, contempt, etc... it’s exhausting.  You may have come to the point that you aren't sure you can take it any more.

If you are here reading this, it means you have hope - maybe just a little, but it's there.  I can show you how to turn things around and achieve deep healing as individuals and as a couple.

No matter what the cause of your historic or current relationship issues...

  • contempt for each other

  • arguing

  • infidelity

  • secrets

  • incompatibility

  • sexual issues

  • emotional distance

  • not communicating well

  • inability to open up to each other

  • other

...healing is always possible.

Using my therapy methods and your desire for healing, I can help you develop and intensify your trust with each other, increase your appreciation for the other, and move forward together as a team and intimate partners. 

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